Kobe Bryant Unlikely To Play For The Clippers

In a recent tweet, Kobe Bryant declared that he would not play for “him.” Based on recent events, the “him” in the tweet isDonald Sterling. Approximately a decade ago, Bryant, who was a free agent at the time, sent out a tweet saying he could imagine joining the Clippers.

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers drives t...
Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers drives to the basket against the Washington Wizards in Washington, D.C., USA on February 3, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just because Bryant never played for the Clippers does not mean he is a hypocrite. Some believe the issue stems from the fact that Sterling owns the team. Bryant may know more about Sterling now even though Sterling has been accused of being a racist for quite some time.

This is a difficult issue and not everybody can work with people who do not share their views on such sensitive subjects.

Bryant signed a large contract with the Lakers and it is unlikely the team will trade him to the rival Los Angeles team. As a free agent, he may have felt he could play with Sterling after weighing other benefits.

People may have misconstrued Sterling’s comments but I doubt Bryant agrees with them. I do not see any benefit to playing with Sterling and I am sure Bryant does not want to but he must decide if joining the Clippers will advance his career.

Several players, including LeBron James, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul passed on joining the Clippers feeling the same way Bryant does. Just because he said he would play for Sterling 10 years ago does not mean he will do so now.

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