Black Mamba Immortalized: Kobe Bryant Gets First of Three Statues at Arena

The shadow of the Black Mamba stretched long over Arena on Thursday night, not just from the rafters where his jerseys hang, but from a brand new bronze monument standing sentinel outside.

Kobe Bryant Statue
Kobe Bryant Statue

And who gets the credit for this pose? The Mamba himself, according to his wife Vanessa, who delivered a powerful speech at the unveiling, punctuated with a characteristic Bryant-esque, “So if anyone has any issues with it, tough sh*t.”

But Kobe gets a unique distinction: three statues, mirroring his dual jersey numbers and unmatched impact on the franchise.

But here’s the twist: Kobe’s the first to get multiple! Just like he was the first Laker to rock two different jersey numbers, he’s the first to get two more statues coming his way. One reppin’ his “Black Mamba” era in the No. 24 jersey, and another with his daughter Gianna by his side. Talk about a legacy cemented in bronze, am I right?

So next time you’re at Arena, take a moment, Lakers fam. Soak it in, LA. The Black Mamba’s reign continues.

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