Jayson Tatum Shatters Records: A Playoff Journey

The Late-Night Showdown

It was a June night, cool and perfect for hitting the court. The NBA Finals, 2024 edition, were on fire with Game 5, Celtics with Jason Tatum and the Mavericks going at it head-to-head. Things were crazy close, you could practically cut the tension with a butter knife.

Jayson Tatum Beats Kobe Bryant's Record
Jayson Tatum Beats Kobe Bryant’s Record

The Mamba’s Shadow

Celtics star Jayson Tatum, all tall and skinny with a game face on point, stalked onto the court. He gave a quick look up at the ceiling, like maybe Kobe Bryant himself was watching from the rafters. Kobe, the Black Mamba, was a legend, leaving his mark on basketball with crazy buzzer beaters, never giving up, and that killer instinct everyone knew him for.

Tatum admired Bryant. The way he moved, the way he willed his team to victory—it fueled Tatum’s own aspirations. And on this fateful night, he was about to etch his name alongside the Lakers legend.

The Record Falls

With the buzzer about to beat the clock for halftime, Tatum launched a three from downtown. Boom! Nothing but net, baby! The crowd went wild. That three put him at 16 points for the half, bringing his career playoff total to a whopping 2,696. No other player under 26 has ever done that before! Kobe Bryant’s record, once unassailable, now belonged to Tatum.

More Than Numbers

But this wasn’t just about statistics. It was about destiny. Tatum had reached the conference finals five times in his seven-year career, including two NBA Finals appearances. He’d dropped 51 points in a Game 7, a record etched in the annals of playoff lore. Yet, one achievement eluded him: the championship ring.

The Quest Continues

As the Celtics held a 3-1 series lead over the Mavericks, Tatum knew he stood at the precipice. The ghosts of legends whispered in his ear—the Mamba, Larry Bird, Bill Russell. Their legacies intertwined with the green-and-white jersey he wore.

And so, with each dribble, each fadeaway, Tatum chased more than points. He chased greatness—the kind that transcends numbers and echoes through time.


As the confetti rained down, Tatum stood at center court, a smile tugging at his lips. The record was his, but the journey continued. The Celtics’ 18th title beckoned, and Tatum’s hunger burned brighter than ever.

In that moment, Tatum wasn’t thinking about Kobe as competition, more like a teacher passing down his skills. It was like Kobe was there, giving him a high five from the sky. When Tatum pumped his fist in the air, he knew he was part of something huge, a whole line of basketball warriors who balled out for more than just a win.

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